"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home"

- Twyla Tharp

Dear Student,

I have prepared a safe space for you; one where your ideas and personal contributions are essential to thrust the class as a whole into purposeful discovery.  My goal is to nourish your knowledge through immersive play and reflection with the intent to surround you with collisions of discovery through living inquiry.  I will present to you new ways of seeing the things you see every day in hopes of providing tools for inquiry and inspiration for your own growth.  I want you to take risks and ask questions.  All of my activities and lessons are wrapped in care.  I have carefully considered you in all the collective connections among you, your relationships, your surroundings, your art, your knowing and unknowing in an attempt to fuse them into a meaningful walk towards cherished possibilities.  In the process, you are my teacher.  You are giving me insight into who I am and who I need to be to impact your journey.  I will work hard to see all of you and listen to your silence while giving you the space to be confident and vulnerable.  I challenge myself to build a web of dreams and reflection that spark creative making that is full of your voice.  In this class, I stand beside you, not in front and we work as a team to navigate the information as it beautifully unfolds before us.  I request that you arrive hungry for something new and I promise to try my hardest to provide nourishment.  I am not all knowing so let’s see how much we can learn.  I can’t wait to connect with you!

Your Experiential Facilitator,

Latausha Cox

A Letter to My Students

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