Illustrative Becoming

Illustrative becoming is term I coined, as a way of describing an auto-ethnographic practice, of drawing that maps my past for the purpose of better understanding my artistic identity. Creating a face-to-face conversation with one’s history, the practice of illustrative becoming allows an individual to actively address memories through an intimately drawn performance of life. This approach reveals connections and themes that provide a space for identity to be found. In this work, illustrative becoming encompasses my development of a series of sketch journal drawings and illustrated collages that visually depict quiet memories. As a black female, I’ve chosen to share my personal story through drawings about my racial history to better understand how my culture influences my artistic voice and my educational practice.

Continue the Conversation...

What masks do you wear?

What masks do you require of others?

How does your skin tone affect your daily routine and decisions?

Whose story can you benefit from? 

How do you combat biases?

Are people of color valued as an asset in your community? 

Take a moment to reflect on the following questions to confront your relationship with race and bias.

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