Latausha Cox


Latausha Cox is an artist, educator and researcher who seeks to influence and transform students through engaging, meaningful art practices.  She believes people of color are not represented in many resources and visual content related to art education.  To provide a bridge between teachers and students of color, she has began researching strategies to unite the individual with a cultural identity that is celebrated and illuminates a voice.  She uses illustrations to narrate her own racial journey which reveals opportunities for growth and transformation within educational spaces. 

Cox currently works at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center serving the community through various arts engagements and event coordination.  She is also a preservice art educator who is working towards a teaching license.  

Latausha is married and a mother of two children, residing in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She loves to draw and help others discover a love and appreciation for art and notice the art that surrounds them.  She would love to create for, with and alongside you.

"Art speaks where words are unable to explain"

-Threadless artist Mathiole

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